Hi. Welcome to Intentional Spending. We believe that through a little mindfulness and a little education we can all feel better about how we interact with money. Feeling better can help us change the way we make decisions about money. And changing the way we make decisions can lead us to changing the way we act with regard to money. The goal of all of this is to remove stress, anxiety and shame and replace them with freedom, clarity, peace and even an little bit of fun along the way. We hope you enjoy the site, that you find something useful and that you’ll tell your friends and family about us. Learn more about our plans for the future.

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    • The perfect investment, blog: Susan Larson

      The Perfect Investment

      September 6, 2014

      Just as there is no perfect home, food, job, body, vacation, relationship, cup of coffee or perfect life; there is also no such thing as a perfect investment.

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